Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bar Problems

So part of senior week included a trip down to the local bar in town where we could give them $20 and drink all the crappy beer we wanted, or crappy hard liquor for that matter. I'm not entirely sure why the bar agreed to this program, as college students, many of us can drink way more than 4-5 beers, and they'd lose money after that point, that and nobody was tipping. Also, in addition to not tipping, we were probably also chasing away the patrons that would have otherwise been there, had a large number of overly drunk college students not been in attendance. Regardless, it went pretty ok until one girl got FAR too drunk, and threw a shotglass at the bartender. It was at this point that they reverted to being a cash bar, and the shotglass shotputter was escorted out of the bar. Now, I'm all for getting tanked, and having a roaring good time, but to get that tanked (and it happens often with that group of people) just seems like a bad idea. Get a different hobby, like leaving chocolate cake near some diapers at costco. I don't know.

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