Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bar Problems

So part of senior week included a trip down to the local bar in town where we could give them $20 and drink all the crappy beer we wanted, or crappy hard liquor for that matter. I'm not entirely sure why the bar agreed to this program, as college students, many of us can drink way more than 4-5 beers, and they'd lose money after that point, that and nobody was tipping. Also, in addition to not tipping, we were probably also chasing away the patrons that would have otherwise been there, had a large number of overly drunk college students not been in attendance. Regardless, it went pretty ok until one girl got FAR too drunk, and threw a shotglass at the bartender. It was at this point that they reverted to being a cash bar, and the shotglass shotputter was escorted out of the bar. Now, I'm all for getting tanked, and having a roaring good time, but to get that tanked (and it happens often with that group of people) just seems like a bad idea. Get a different hobby, like leaving chocolate cake near some diapers at costco. I don't know.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Yesterday was Intense

So yesterday I stuck myself in the dorm lounge, and wrote a whopping 16 pages of paper on the research I've been conducting all semester. It was intense. My last undergraduate assignment, and all I have left to do is correct it. Four days till graduation, that's not many. The guys across the hall keep playing indoor kickball or something, and its loud and annoying, especially because I'm trying to edit my paper. Know what really bugs me? Teacher's handwriting. I want to be a teacher myself, but when you edit a paper, I can't fix it if I can't read what its talking about.
An update on Ebay week over at Your Comic Relief, I'm still looking for a guest contributer. And it will likely be in two weeks. However, here at Life of a Welshman, I'll be kicking it off early with a special Day Zero event discussing collecting in general, and the utility of Ebay to help build your collection. Including excerpts from my own private collections. So stay tuned, and check back. Further updates also include a recap of the Everclear concert that I attended, as well as graduation excitement!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Ebay Week at Your Comic Relief!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Guest Writer/Artist wanted. Your Comic Relief, the comic blog that I run is having a week dedicated to Ebay, and information relating to it, advice on using Ebay to look for comics, as well as potential pitfalls of using Ebay. I would like to have a writer or artist, or two to give their input, and I am turning to you. If you are interested, drop me a line either as a comment, or at

Thanks a lot! (Back to work)

Sunday, May 11, 2008


I have finished that accursed biochemistry takehome final. Although, now its on to the research paper, my last undergraduate assignment/paper/anything.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Another Cool Picture

A Social Networking Cartoon:

Chocolate Cake

So, via Twitter, something that I've come to enjoy recently, I found this. What a terrible terrible terrible place to find a chocolate cake. This might become my new hobby though. Yes, I am trying to distract myself from this takehome biochem exam. No, it's not working. I want to have 2 more problems done before I sleep, which is a tall order. Speaking of twitter, add me as a friend!

Effecting the Masses

Is anyone else out there still going strong on Mass Effect? I've picked it up again, late semester, probably to avoid doing some work which needs to get done, and wow, I still love it. The story line is, understandably, not as thrilling as it was the first time through, but the gameplay is still fantastic. I'm playing through as a renegade this time, and I just finished the Feros mission. I dunno, that kinda threw me for a bit, performing an execution really wasn't what I wanted to do, I always play through as a good character my first time in a game, it's just my nature. But I couldn't break character, so I went through with it. Going to travel around the galaxy for a bit, shoot up some stuff, gain xp, and then head over to Noveria later, possibly after I graduate, which is in EIGHT days, just have to finish this work. Speaking of work, I guess I should be getting back to that. Hello Biochemistry!

Friday, May 9, 2008


So, I set this up in March as a sort of personal outlet. As I said previously, I run several blogs, but everything has been dropped recently, as I am graduating from university with an undergraduate degree in biochemistry, in 8 days! I will hopefully use this to detail my journey into the real world. I might take my comic blog to send some initial traffic this way, but we'll see.
Today I took an exam, fixed my laptop, purchased a photoframe for the graduation gift I got my girlfriend, picked up a camera charger, and then got to work, doing some last minute assignments for biochem, and now I'm working on my biochem takehome exam. Is anyone out there in a similar situation?