Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Yesterday was Intense

So yesterday I stuck myself in the dorm lounge, and wrote a whopping 16 pages of paper on the research I've been conducting all semester. It was intense. My last undergraduate assignment, and all I have left to do is correct it. Four days till graduation, that's not many. The guys across the hall keep playing indoor kickball or something, and its loud and annoying, especially because I'm trying to edit my paper. Know what really bugs me? Teacher's handwriting. I want to be a teacher myself, but when you edit a paper, I can't fix it if I can't read what its talking about.
An update on Ebay week over at Your Comic Relief, I'm still looking for a guest contributer. And it will likely be in two weeks. However, here at Life of a Welshman, I'll be kicking it off early with a special Day Zero event discussing collecting in general, and the utility of Ebay to help build your collection. Including excerpts from my own private collections. So stay tuned, and check back. Further updates also include a recap of the Everclear concert that I attended, as well as graduation excitement!

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