Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Being a True Sports Fan

This applies not so much today, as the New York Mets won last night, and did it in style, but yesterday I was wearing my favourite Mets hat, and someone said to me something along the lines of "You're wearing a Mets hat? Did you not see the game last night." Indeed I had seen that game, and I knew exactly how disappointing it had been. However, I am not a fair weather fan and I am going to support my team no matter how well, or poorly, they happen to be doing. Let's take a step back here, I'm a Mets fan. We're used to losing, or atleast, those of us who have been fans for more than a few years are. We remember how to watch a baseball game, and appreciate the moments of glory that you get, not just remembering the final score. We can manage to find it in ourselves to support our team not just in the good times, but also in the bad. Yes, the game on monday was a verified disaster, and the fact that their pitcher got a grand slam was just awful, but if they hadn't scored the other 5 runs, that wouldn't have mattered.

Hopefully, we can get Shoenweis to pull his head out of wherever it is stuck, and if Maine is well enough to pitch in the post season (here's hoping), we should end up doing pretty well. I say this because Wright is on a hot streak, Santana seems to be overcoming whatever issues he had, and Delgado is doing pretty well also, making up for his poor performance in the beginning of this season. One player was quoted as saying "If we win the rest of our games ... the Brewers can win all of theirs and it still doesn't matter." That's the kind of optimistic attitude we need from our players, and our fans. Unlike Yankee fans, we don't desert at the first sign of terbulance, Mets fans stick it through to the end.

We had a big win yesterday, and I think that the Mets can pull this off. This doesn't make up for last season's debacle, I'm not sure what could, but it shows they the team has moved on, and are willing to take it one game at a time. While that sounds cliche, it is incredibly important.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


It's far too early. I really have no interest in being up quite this early. It's also really really cold out. I'm kind of exhausted. I have to drive my brother to school though, why he can't take the bus like I did is beyond me.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Walking the Dog

So, in my unemployment, I've taken up doing odd jobs. Currently I find myself as a nanny replacement until the neighbors find a new one. It's a fairly stress free job, I walk the dog at 10-11, and again at 1-2, run errands (dry cleaning, grocery shopping), and pick kids up from school. Now, the dog next door is a pretty relaxed dog, maybe like a schnouzer/poodle or something, I'm not quite sure, but it's pretty mellow. It doesn't chase or bark at other dogs, it doesn't try and dig holes, it doesn't try and escape during walks, etc... I mean, it will go after a squirrel, but only if it's within like 5 yards or so. However, today, when I was walking him, we passed a mail truck (mail car? we passed the postman at any rate), and this dog went as close to berserk I've ever seen it. It struck me, all those times I watched cartoons and the dogs went after the mailmen, I just figured it was a dog-stereotype. Maybe there's some truth to it.