Saturday, May 10, 2008

Effecting the Masses

Is anyone else out there still going strong on Mass Effect? I've picked it up again, late semester, probably to avoid doing some work which needs to get done, and wow, I still love it. The story line is, understandably, not as thrilling as it was the first time through, but the gameplay is still fantastic. I'm playing through as a renegade this time, and I just finished the Feros mission. I dunno, that kinda threw me for a bit, performing an execution really wasn't what I wanted to do, I always play through as a good character my first time in a game, it's just my nature. But I couldn't break character, so I went through with it. Going to travel around the galaxy for a bit, shoot up some stuff, gain xp, and then head over to Noveria later, possibly after I graduate, which is in EIGHT days, just have to finish this work. Speaking of work, I guess I should be getting back to that. Hello Biochemistry!

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