Friday, March 20, 2009

Watchmen Poster

Found this poster, been writing about Watchmen a lot over at Your Comic Relief. Not one, but two posts in the past two days. The first post is what I found positive about it, and the second is what others found to be negative about it. I am particularly proud of the second post, and I think you should check it out. Possibly another one tomorrow with some art/pictures, and then a fourth in the future maybe there or here about the Watchmen game for the 360.

Return of the Blog

I know everyone always says "Don't write posts about not having posted in a while." Well f that, I'm going to do what I want. I've been ridiculously busy these past months. Applying to graduate school, accepting to graduate school (!), coaching two teams to the state championships, and having one win, planning a trip to Las Vegas, having a birthday, working a crappy job, quitting that job today. All in all, I've had my hands more than full. I would like to talk about a few of these subjects, possibly over the course of a few posts. Applying to graduate school was not a last minute decision, but a last minute action. I got most of my applications out just before the last deadline (of February 1st), and waited. First (and so far only) to respond was University of Maryland, Baltimore, which was the top school that I applied to by the numbers. I went, interviewed, and was accepted one week later. Probably much less stressful than many other people's application processes.

Let me tell you about some of the other schools I applied to however. University of Delaware has requested my personal statement three times, my application fee, my transcript, and a recommendation a second. As I'm sure you can guess, they've been taken off my list. I applied to Seton Hall just in case I got in nowhere else (no offense to Seton Hall as a school, I love the Pirates, but their graduate chemistry program is a little small). UMass spurned me from the beginning, and Case Western is being slow. All in all, I got in my top choice school! Sweet. That's about it for now, I have much to talk about over the next few days of semi-unemployment.