Sunday, March 16, 2008

Initial Post

First off, hello cyberspace. My name is Tim H, and this is my blog. I run a small assortment of blogs, the most successful of which is Your Comic Relief, however unfortunately I left it alone for a month due to stress, and am now attempting to recapture my audience, which, while difficult, is actually easier than the first time. Similar to going to the gym, something else I haven't done in a long time; it is easier to regain muscle mass than to gain it the first time. I am also playing around with Hub Pages, where I post about science, but I'm fairly sure that's just a closed community, and because many of the posters there are there to put up ads and earn money, I don't feel anyone was actually reading the posts to really enjoy them, although I will continue for a bit, to see what happens. I also get the feeling over there that nobody from outside the Hub Pages community is viewing them, or even if they are able to. A similar thing can be said for the first blog I ran, over at Gamespot. Except there nobody wants to read what anyone else has to say, and it seems to be mostly a bunch of early/pre-teens who have nothing better to do than flame message board. As you can see, I have a few, very focused projects going on, but my problem is I have a very wide range of interests. Hence this one was born. I plan to use this to rant, link, promote my better work, and basically do what I will with.

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